Twitter chat: How a Jobs to be Done & design thinking approach creates happy customers and happy business

May 14, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Central European Time, 2020

​Rob Punselie (ContentKings) and Noz Urbina (Urbina Consulting) discuss the pitfalls on the road to digital success. Why is it hard for business to cope with increased customer demands, especially in these times of staying at home?

Internal silos within companies often have different and conflicting definitions of digital success and customer needs. Ideally, personas and customer journeys should get everyone on the same page. Still, aligning visions on digital experience is often difficult. In the end, everybody focuses on their own bottom line.

In this chat, Rob will talk about his Jobs to be Done & #DesignThinking method and how it works, while sharing results from his own experience and projects. He will also talk about bridging the technology gap with the large majority of users, not just the early adopters. He advocates a perspective on technology that aims to shorten the time to adopt innovations and speed up development cycles.

Interested in getting the balance right so you can have a happy customer and happy business? Chat live with Rob and @OmniXconf about managing conflicting visions on customers & digital success.

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Rob Punselie
Rob Punselie

About Rob Punselie

From his first job onwards, in 1993 as publisher and editor-in-chief of ASML manuals, Rob Punselie realized that the only matter that counts in marketing and business is getting the customer’s job done. Rob worked on these goals in all his positions: as a freelance copywriter, chairman of the Dutch technical writers society, author of several books, and later on university teacher at Leiden University and UX researcher/consultant at his company ContentKings for major public and private organizations in the Netherlands.