Pricing for OmnichannelX 2023

We have huge and bittersweet news: OmnichannelX is refocusing away from the annual conference 2023, to instead focus on creating a consistent year-round flow of value-added and educational content. This means that in 2023, and for the foreseeable future, we will not be running an annual conference.

In the meantime, you can join the mailing list to keep up on our editorial calendar announcements and keep learning through channels like the Omnichannel Podcast, our YouTube Channel, and the articles in the Omnichannel Blog.


Listen to our latest podcast episode

IKEA, and their human-centric approach to the Metaverse – part 1.

In this episode, we hear from Timi Stoop-Alcala, the Principal Content Strategist at IKEA. 

She and Noz Urbina discuss what the metaverse is, how it relates to human usability, and what IKEA wants to do next in the metaverse.

Read the session summary and transcript here.