10% of #OmniXConf ticket sales will go to help Ukraine

OmnichannelX is joining forces with the Ukrainian Red Cross (@RedCrossUkraine) and donating 10% of the OmnichannelX conference ticket sales towards helping Ukraine. 

Under mortal danger to themselves, Red Cross teams are still working tirelessly to help people and communities impacted by conflict. Significant infrastructure damage has left hundreds of thousands of people without electricity or water, while damaged roads have disrupted supply chains, leaving communities cut off from food and basic supplies.

Around the clock, teams are providing emergency aid amid fear and uncertainty. Since the conflict intensified on February 24, Red Cross teams have:

  • Distributed more than 1,000 tons of emergency aid, including food, bedding, tents, water and hygiene items to more than 300,000 people across Ukraine.
  • Supported the evacuation of over 58,000 people from the towns of Energodar and Sumy and the Kviy, Kharkiv and Kherson regions.
  • Provided first aid training to more than 42,000 people across the country.
  • Assisted with the evacuation of people with disabilities.
  • Supported logistics pipelines into Ukraine to ensure critical items can be delivered.

With our donations, the Red Cross teams will continue being able to:

  • Distribute food, water, clothing, bedding, hygiene sets, blankets and even handing out SIM cards so that families can stay connected amid the turmoil.
  • Provide medical care at border crossings.
  • Supply baby products and services for children.
  • Pitch tents and prepare shelters for refugees who need a comforting place to sleep and feel safe.  
  • Provide health-related services and medical support to those in need.
  • Provide psychosocial support for those who are physically, mentally and emotionally stressed.
  • Help connect people to other essential services. 

Read more about the Ukrainian Red Cross activities here.