Diversity & equity (D&E) sponsorship

Support the diversification and growth of a global community

OmnichannelX is offering bundles of significantly discounted (70% off) tickets that brands can purchase as a scholarship to support marginalised people.

By focusing omnichannel, this opportunity will help launch their careers forward by giving them access to a body of skills and learning opportunities which are quickly growing in demand.


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Scholarships will entitle people to

  • free entry to conference presentation and keynote sessions
  • free attendance to the workshops
  • free access to all networking events, and
  • 1 year’s access to the session library of recordings and on-demand sessions

Sponsoring brands will be

  • featured in a special section on the website
  • announced in the event newsletter, and
  • mentioned in various spots during live event and post-event on-demand library.
Why are we providing D&E scholarships?

Our mission at OmnichannelX is to facilitate better, more personal relationships between organisations, their audiences, and their staff. We believe better personal relationships are empathetic and rich in diversity.

As such, OmnichannelX is looking for brands which will support the advancement of people who have been held back in their professional careers due to social or economic inequity. 

Why are equity scholarship sponsors so important?

One of the greatest privileges of organising the OmnichannelX conference is creating educational opportunities for everyone. Low-income, disadvantaged, in many cases top-notch potential participants are not able to attend such events due to circumstances beyond their control. 

Regardless of the colour, gender, status, or level of income, we aim to support disadvantaged or marginalised people. It’s our mission to be more inclusive by bringing a variety of ideas, perspectives, and experiences to create a positive environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. 

Without sponsorship, we cannot provide these opportunities as broadly to the whole community.

Who can apply for our scholarships?

People who have been held back in their professional careers due to social inequity. For example, due to one or more of the following

  • They have physical or cognitive challenges to contend with
  • Their LGBTQ+ status has impacted their career
  • They’re unemployed or under extreme financial pressure
  • They’re an indigenous person or person of colour

Our 2022 Goal

In 2022, our goal is to award 100 #OmniXConf Diversity & Equity (D&E) Scholarships. To meet this ambitious goal, we need contributions from equity sponsors willing to invest in community diversification. 

Sponsorship levels

Enquire about D&E sponsorship

If you think that your company could invest in supporting the advancement of people who have been held back in their professional career due social or economic inequity, please fill out this form. If you have special activities or other custom requests, please let us know and we can work with you to try to make them happen.

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