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Aikaterini Zambeli

Aikaterini Zambeli

Senior Brand and Multichannel Marketing Manager

I am a Life lover and Adventures seeker! Mother of two and friend of many! I was born in Athens, I am a Greek native but my country is the whole world, wherever my friends live and work. I studied Chemical Engineer in National Technical University of Athens with an MSc in Environmental Management.

In parallel with my studies, I volunteered in a European students’ organisation (B.E.S.T) , which gave me the opportunity to travel and meet new cultures! Early after my graduation, I joined pharma industry (Sanofi) where I worked initially in the sales force team which gave me many insights on customers’ needs and way of thinking! In parallel I completed my MBA studies in University of Leicester with a specialization on marketing. After that, marketing became my new passion. For now, from the standpoint of the Senior Product and MCE Manager, I enjoy deep diving into different digital channels, offering personalized solutions and experimenting on innovative customer journeys.

My moto: "We do not sell products: we solve problems and offer solutions”.

You can find me almost everywhere, I will be happy to hear from you!


Fun Fact

I am a good listener but in parallel I am very keen on learning things about others! That's why, do not get puzzled if I start bombarding you with endless questions that most probably you will have limited time to fully answer!

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