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Christoph Trappe

Christoph Trappe
Chief Content Officer

A lot of companies are producing content and campaigns that happen but don’t perform. Christoph helps you move your marketing and communications from happening to performing by sharing unique stories more efficiently to reach prospects and retain existing customers.

He has run integrated marketing campaigns across many industries, including healthcare, SaaS, information technology, nonprofits, and publishing. In his career, he has led teams of journalists, content creators, strategists, and designers to successfully drive results.

Christoph has worked in B2B and B2C journalism and even launched a new successful news site with Eastern Iowa News in 2009.

Christoph has worked in a variety of verticals and with a mix of businesses - including startups and established companies and his experience spans the full spectrum of digital strategy and implementation – including social media, SEO, UX collaborations, content strategies, and production, to drive results.

Today, he’s a global top 14 content marketer, top 40 B2B marketer, top 100 CX thought leader and top 24 digital marketers. His blog ( has been listed as a valuable resource in the marketing industry. He's a top 5 percent podcaster.

His fourth book covers the topic of Going Live to get more out of your podcast and content strategy. The book published in March 2021.

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