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Timi Stoop-Alcala

Timi Stoop-Alcala

Principal Content Strategist

Timi is Principal Content Strategist at IKEA where she strives to cultivate quality, innovation, and confidence in content using a broad set of human-centric design principles. The content maxim she lives by: “Content starts and ends with people; it rises and falls with relationships.”

She’s a multifaceted specialist who has immersed in different roles and functions across diverse teams and countries — from product ownership, global CMS rollouts, and capability-building, to education, writing, and social entrepreneurship. She’s passionate about applying a model-first approach to content development. With her team, she strives to create the conditions that will bring connected, knowledge-powered, and adaptive content to life.

Fun Fact

Timi hails from the Philippines and now lives in The Netherlands. She swears that playing Pathfinder is essential to becoming a good and happy content strategist.


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