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Val Swisher

Val Swisher

Content Rules Inc.

Val Swisher is the Founder and CEO of Content Rules, Inc. Val enjoys helping companies solve complex content problems. She is a well-known expert in content reuse and automation in pharmaceutical and medical device content. Val believes content should be efficient to create, manage, and translate. Her customers include industry giants such as Roche, Wolters Kluwer, Waters, and Pfizer.

Her latest book is The Personalization Paradox: Why Companies Fail (and How to Succeed) at Creating Personalized Experiences at Scale (XML Press, 2021) with co-author Regina Lynn Preciado. She is on the Advisory Board for the Technical Communications Program at the University of North Texas.

Fun Fact

When not working with customers or students, Val can be found sitting behind her sewing machine working on her latest quilt.

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