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Ryan Skinner

Ryan Skinner

Forrester, UK
Principal Analyst

Based in London, Ryan primarily contributes to Forrester's offerings for B2C marketing professionals. He analyzes how marketers should pivot from campaign- and channel-focused strategies to content- and customer-focused ones. In this context, Ryan leads Forrester’s research on content marketing, content strategy, customer engagement, and content intelligence for marketers.

This work has naturally led to other areas of focus, such as agile marketing, customer experience, native advertising, and brand narratives. In workshops, speeches, and consulting assignments, Ryan has advised large consumer brands in the US and Europe on their efforts to engage with customers across channels. Further, he advises marketing leaders on a variety of technology and service provider decisions that relate to content and customer engagement.

Ryan is the thought leader for Forrester’s cross-disciplinary team researching content-related topics, and he takes part in a similar group researching personalization initiatives.

Fun Fact

I write poetry, badly (as one does).

Past sessions

Additional content

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Webinar: Prepare Your Content For Omnichannel Execution
This session provides marketing and technology leaders with the core concepts and building blocks they’ll need to make their content – and the teams, processes, and systems behind it – truly ready for omnichannel customer experience.