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Sarah Richards

Sarah Richards

Content Design London

Founder of the content design movement, Sarah pioneered the standards during her 10-year career with the UK government. As head of content design for the Government Digital Service (GDS), Sarah created and implemented the content strategy for the GOV.UK website.

After leaving GDS, Sarah took her knowledge and wrote the respected and highly popular Content Design – a book for anyone creating user-centred content.

She also launched Content Design London to provide training and consultation in content strategy and content design for governments, charities and organisations in the UK and worldwide.

Sarah is also a respected and in-demand speaker and shares her expertise to audiences at conferences, meet-ups and events globally.

Past sessions

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[Free Session] Content Design 101
Watch one of the most popular sessions of the 2020 conference free. Sarah tells the story of investing the discipline of content design while radically transforming the way an entire national government approached content. Sarah and her team took Gov.UK from a bloated, stakeholder-driven 75,000 pages and slashed it by 10s of thousands, kickstarting the entire content design industry movement and winning Gov.UK global recognition as a benchmark in customer-centric design in the process.

[Podcast] Content design: Resetting the conversation around content
In this episode, we talk with Sarah Richards of Content Design London, the founder of what has become an entire movement in the world of content: content design. We discuss how content design came to be and how Sarah both needed it and used it to reset the conversation within the entire organisation of UK government about what a content professional is and does, and how the inter-team dynamics need to work to make sure that content is meeting the user’s real goals. Oh, and Noz Urbina gets his first job title update in over a decade!