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Sanjeev  Munjal

Sanjeev Munjal

    Managing Director, Digital Commerce - Accenture Interactive

    Sanjeev focuses on the transformation of customer engagement and commerce. Today’s customers expect relevant, contextual, integrated experiences across touchpoints and channels. That is true whether they are consumers or B2B customers. By leading Commerce Business at Accenture ATC India, Sanjeev is focused on client outcomes every day - ensuring they have the technology and operational capabilities to meet today’s digital commerce challenges.

    Sanjeev believes that for successful Digital Transformation, you need a platform that caters for scalable innovations, and you must provide a user experience that is delightful as a foundation. You need to be in control of data as the fuel your enterprise runs on. Use artificial intelligence to empower the organization to be relevant, lean and extend capabilities to do what was not possible so far.

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