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Mike Rowlinson

Mike Rowlinson

    Precision Content
    Vice-President Training and Content Services

    Mike Rowlinson has a dual role at Precision Content Authoring Solutions: Vice-President Training and Content Services. Mike strives to provide content that people can use and technology can interpret. His core belief is that great content enables great companies.

    As VP Training and lead trainer, he heads a team that develops and delivers fun, effective training, including most recently, eLearning. The training enables writers to create effective content so that staff and customers alike can find what they need and understand what's required quickly and efficiently.

    As VP Content Services, he leads a writing team that transforms clients' difficult-to-access and hard-to-read documents into content that is accessible and fit for purpose. By design, this writing approach meshes human usability perfectly with technology to enable companies to optimize their content for omnichannel delivery.

    An “import” from the UK, Mike lives in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada with his wife and two adult daughters.

    Fun Fact

    love all water sports, especially sailing, rowing, and paddling, and in winter, skiing and snow-shoeing. I'm a concert addict - just try getting me out of the mosh pit! And I love to travel.

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