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Natercia Rodrigues

Natercia Rodrigues

Roche Pharmaceuticals
Senior CX Lead

Seasoned leader with 10 years’ experience in customer strategy, scientific communications, and medical engagement. Having worked across various layers of multinational organizations, I am fast to understand the needs and motivations of internal stakeholders and direct their focus and energy to serve patients and healthcare professionals. To my line of work, I bring a wealth of expertise in medical affairs, product strategy, value based outcomes, medical education and medical Information, human capability development, digital marketing, human centered design and customer experience. Having business acumen and keen ability to build connections and mobilize people has granted me the recognition as a person who makes things happen. I pride myself on cutting down complexity and busting jargon in order to bring clarity to the decision making process and prioritization. My focus and purpose is the patient: making sure we create and deliver tangible value to each individual in the healthcare ecosystem and throughout the value chain.

Fun Fact

I'm a deep introvert that learned the tricks to survive in a world dominated by extroverts! Also, I live with with a chronic disease which has contributed to significant hearing loss - in case I ask you to repeat, chances are it's not you - it's me.

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