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Sana Remekie

Sana Remekie


Sana Remekie is a System Design Engineering graduate of University of Waterloo and the CEO of a technology startup, Conscia, a headless experience orchestration platform. She has over 15 years of experience designing, architecting and selling data-centric solutions for some of the largest ecommerce brands. Sana has a proven track record of ensuring customer success by designing solutions that drive collaboration between business and IT, while empowering business users to be in control of the digital experience. She is a speaker, author and a technology thought leader in the fields of digital experience and data management. Sana co-founded Conscia with the vision of freeing organizations from the shackles of monolithic solutions and giving them the freedom to build their own best-of-breed tech stacks. She was recently listed in 'The 10 Most Influential Women in Technology' by Analytics Insight.

Fun Fact

Sana moved from Pakistan to Canada at the age of 14 and met Rimpy, who is still her best friend on the very first day of elementary school. Rimpy moved to Canada a few days after Sana from India, a country most people in Pakistan saw as an enemy.

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