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Rob Punselie

Rob Punselie

Principal consultant

Rob Punselie is principal consultant and founder of ContentKings, a Dutch consultancy firm in Rotterdam leading clients towards digital customer success. He is a seasoned UX researcher and consultant. Together with his team he managed 400+ successful international digital projects over the last 20 years.

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Jobs To be Done stelt je in staat  om te focussen op het wérkelijke probleem van je klant. Ontdek de Jobs To Be Done van je klanten met een behoefteonderzoek.
Hoe overtuig je mensen met cijfers? Voorbeeld: de Corona case.
In this article, Rob Punselie will explain why JTBD is vital for discovering the real reason people engage with your business and your platform. Through extensive experience with jobs to be done, he has seen how it helps focus resources and encourage innovation.