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Monica Mercer

Monica Mercer

Sanofi US-Vaccines

Monica Mercer, MD is a Senior Director of Medical Affairs for Sanofi US-Vaccines. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Microbiology, Pathology, and Immunology from the University of Johannesburg, School of Health Sciences, her medical degree from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Wits University School of Medicine, and postgraduate studies in Drug Development from King’s College, London. Her post-graduate training included a residency in med-peds where she worked as a hospitalist in pediatrics and internal medicine.

Recognizing that healthcare providers (HCPs) lack a fundamental understanding of the field of immunology and its application to clinical practice, she co-led the development of an international online educational program “Immunopaedia” built on adult learning principals. The site has been the recipient of a number of awards, most notably recognized with a SPORE (Science Prize for Online Resources in Education) award by the journal Science as an outstanding online teaching tool. Monica joined Sanofi in 2015 as a regional medical expert for vaccines and now leads the strategy for omnichannel scientific exchange.

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