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Andrew Kumar

Andrew Kumar

Director, Platform Strategy

Andrew is a global leader of high-performing and diverse digital teams, with a 20-year track record in technology, marketing, commerce, and content. As the director of platform strategy at Contentful, Andrew supports teams tackling complex quality and scaling challenges in platform, customer experience, sales, marketing, and strategy.

Andrew has a design degree from the School of Interactive Arts & Technology at Simon Fraser University, has been a software developer and engineering manager, project manager, digital product management teacher, and product leader, all on his windy pathway as a platform strategy lead.

Along the way, Andrew has helped build digital commerce, data, and content-led products and experiences for brands such as Air Canada, Aeroplan, Four Seasons, KPMG, Universal Parks & Resorts, TELUS, Soda Stream, Earth's Best, Live Clean, Alba Botanica, Cisco, NVIDIA, Staples, and Simon Fraser University.

Fun Fact

I can't remember what I had for breakfast... but I can remember the intro to the 2011 song Victory by Puff Daddy. Why is that committed to memory?

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