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Jill Sheffield

Jill Sheffield

    Vice President, Content Strategy & Development

    Jill Sheffield is currently leading the global Content Strategy and Development team at Mastercard with a focus on creating an ultimate customer content delivery experience. Jill joined Mastercard in 2008 and has over 20 years’ experience in the Payments Industry. In her career with Mastercard, Jill leveraged her passion for technology, asset-based thinking, and helping others in their career journey, to lead numerous global Operational Support teams, including an 18-month international assignment in Poland. Prior to joining Mastercard, Jill managed several Operational, Quality Assurance, and Support teams.

    Jill has a strong belief in giving back as shown with her community involvement and volunteerism. She volunteers for several Mastercard-sponsored programs including Girls4Tech and several Business Resource Groups.

    In addition, Jill is an integral volunteer for Safe Connections of St. Louis by donating her time and talents as a steering committee for one of their primary fundraising events.

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