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Ula Howlett

Ula Howlett

CEO & Founder

Ula Howlett, dubbed ‘UlaSuperConnector’ is an ardent matchmaker, storyteller, ambassador of change, promoter of people and believer in kindness. She loves ‘making things happen’ and thrives on helping people by connecting them with the resources they need to progress, and lives by the motto: ‘if not now, then when?’. Ula is a certified trainer of a few coaching tools & learning resources, including: ‘Lumina Learning Emotion’ psychometric assessment, #IamRemarkable & ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, and an avid supporter of developing resilience in the workplace, and outside of it
Ula leads ‘Vulnerrebels’, a company that offers talks about creativity, vulnerability and emotions at work, as well as ways of learning how to develop your inner talents and use them to your advantage. Ula is also an active member of communities such as Women in Technology and Women in Cyber (InfoSec), as well as a dedicated volunteer and supporter at multiple charities & community interest companies.

Fun Fact

I've cold called a few of my Managers directly for the roles I've found myself extremely excited about, and was lucky enough to get them all.

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