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Rob Hanna

Rob Hanna

Precision Content

Rob Hanna co-founded Precision Content in 2015 to pursue his goals to produce tools, training, and methods that will help organizations make their high-value content instantly available to all that need it including customers, staff, partners, and even other information systems that need to consume that content.

Driving this development is the Precision Content® Writing Methods, based on the best-available research over the last 50 years into how the brain works with information.

Today Rob leads his highly-skilled team of content strategists, information architects, writers, trainers, and developers to serve the needs for digital transformation for businesses across North America.

Fun Fact

My favourite past-time is Texas Hold'em Poker. The challenges of learning how to read an opponent; recognize patterns of behaviour; art of the wager; and importance of knowing the value of position - when you have it and when you don't.

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