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Rebecca Gordon

Rebecca Gordon

    Mgr, User Experience Research

    Rebecca Gordon is a design research manager at Adobe. Rebecca oversees the design research across a subset of Adobe’s current mobile applications (Fresco, Photoshop for the iPad, Lightroom) as well as applications currently in development. In addition, she helps advise and guide the research for the Unified Experience Team - one of Adobe’s cross-platform, cross-disciplinary teams focused on consistency.

    Prior to working at Adobe, Rebecca conducted research for a variety of companies from start-ups to fortune 500. Rebecca holds a bachelors degree in fine arts and a masters degree in psychology and community psychology.

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    Article: “We Come in Peace.” How Adobe’s Horizontal Design Initiative Is Creating Positive Change in Its Flagship Apps
    In order to truly be creative, you need the right creative tools. Often, for many artists and designers, that means working with Adobe Creative Cloud apps and services — using them together to produce amazing visuals, videos, app and web experiences, and sometimes all of the above. Adobe’s users are nimble, looking at Creative Cloud’s ecosystem and learning new apps to achieve their creative goals. Adobe’s teams, on the other hand, don’t always work this fluidly across products.