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Marie Girard

Marie Girard


Marie Girard is a CX / UX / content strategist, teacher, speaker, and coach currently leading the strategy for digital client experience of IBM Decision Automation software in Paris. She facilitates design thinking activities across silos, runs content audits, and always keeps the focus on user experience.

Marie also teaches technical communication at Paris Diderot University, and keeps investigating how everything interrelates through the practice of yoga.

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Interview: Omnichannel strategy implementation at IBM – Marie Girard interview
Marie explains how having an omnichannel strategy enables an organisation to deliver better experiences and why isolated, or parallel strategies just can’t deliver the cross-channel insights that unification offers.

5 considerations to help you make reliable content decisions
Have you ever been in a meeting where the group decided to publish something then left thinking “that shouldn’t have been written, let alone published!” only to find out later that everyone in the meeting thought the same thing? Have you ever seen key information fall through the cracks of corporate silos? Have you ever attended debrief after debrief where you dissect the same recurring problems? If so, your organisation might be unaware of the human factors at play in collective decisions.

Raiders of the lost content: silo-busting adventures in the corporate jungle
It started with a content inventory. We kept discovering new, exotic content; a simple treasure hunt had turned into a wild adventure through the corporate jungle in search of an understanding of the product content we produced. In this search for lost content, we became conscious of the unproductivity of silos – how to knock them down and rebuild a scalable and efficient content strategy.