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Vinish Garg

Vinish Garg

Independent Consultant, Products, UX, Product Content Strategy, Positioning

Vinish Garg works with growing product teams for their product strategy, product vision, product positioning, product onboarding and UX, product content strategy, and sometimes as a product manager. Vinish works in the UX, design, and content leadership roles. More recently, Vinish is exploring the intersection of digital design and system thinking, and he advocates design's intersection with civic tech.

Vinish owns a UX conference too, and he lives in Chandigarh.

Fun Fact

I love to use small snackable fiction to communicate my frustrations, aspirations, or goals of work or life in general. I used to write these in a Medium publication: I want to make a film one day.

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Additional content

Article: We need content and design systems that support product metrics
There is a huge opportunity to build design systems as strategy levers for product growth — for the core product metrics.

Article: A systems-driven content supply chain is the life-blood of customer experience
Rather than fixing our CMS, or interface content, or the Figma files, or the style guide, or the customer journey mapping, let’s see why and where things break down in the omnichannel experience.

Article: Adding the system in a design system

Article: Finding the Bhalku Ram in our systems—the Kalka-Shimla Railway project reference.

Past event sessions

2021A systems-driven content supply chain is the life blood of customer experience