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Cruce Saunders

Cruce Saunders

Founder and principal

Cruce is the founder and principal at [A], the content intelligence service.

Cruce has spent more than 20 years focused on content technology and content engineering. Today, Cruce and the [A] team work with the largest and most complex enterprise content publishers on earth crafting the next generation of content supply chains and publishing architecture.

[A] publishes articles and videos about how to power omnichannel customer experience with content intelligence, content engineering, and content operations. He also hosts the Towards a Smarter World podcast, where he connects with global leaders impacting content intelligence, and a YouTube series to help content leaders spread the word called The Invisible World of ContentFollow Cruce on Twitter @mrcruce.

Fun Fact

Cruce used to hand code websites in 1994 that were optimized for a Unix-based text browser called Lynx. It was all about hypertext, with no pictures and no graphical interface. Lynx is still supported and running today nearly 30 years later! Also, Cruce has been really into breathwork, and is currently working on a 30-day breath challenge. So far he's up to 12 minutes circular breathing and 3 minute breath holds.

Past sessions

Additional content

Additional content
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This series is for anyone that works with content across any organizational function. It’s meant to be accessible to executives, directors, managers, developers, and designers in a way that we hope will bridge all the worlds that interact with content.

Whitepaper: [A] Resource Guide to the 5 Key Patterns of Omnichannel
Explore the five key patterns that lead to omnichannel content delivery! These key patterns also awaken additional business value and customer experience benefits. This guide touches on the impact of specific standards, content optimization, and more that can help content reach and production costs.

Article: Activating Omnichannel with content intelligence
Noz Urbina, founder of the OmnichannelX conference and longtime industry consultant, interviews Cruce Saunders, founder of [A] and a longtime advocate for content engineering and content intelligence practices. Join these two thought leaders in jumping into multichannel, cross-channel, and omnichannel publishing approaches.

Keynote video: How disconnected content leads to disconnected experiences
Hear insights into how intelligent content transforms the future of customer experience (CX). The path to intelligence involves more collaboration and orchestration than ever before. Fluid interaction between content, processes, and customer-spawned data is now mandated for any enterprise to thrive in this new CX environment.

Whitepaper: [A] Guide to the Content Services Organization
Creating personalized and relevant content at scale is easier said than done — especially in a constantly evolving digital landscape. This paper answers the question: Where do we start, and how do we change the way we produce and deliver content across an organization?)