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Troy Church

Troy Church

    Sr. Designer 2

    Troy Church is a product designer at Adobe. After 12 years of designing the details of Adobe professional video tools he now facilitates modernization across the full range of Adobe flagship applications.

    He believes there are always two creations, one conceptual and one physical, and he loves bridging that gap. He was born on a tropical island, then raised by cowboys in the red rocks of Southern Utah. He now lives in the lush green of Seattle, WA.

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    Article: “We Come in Peace.” How Adobe’s Horizontal Design Initiative Is Creating Positive Change in Its Flagship Apps
    In order to truly be creative, you need the right creative tools. Often, for many artists and designers, that means working with Adobe Creative Cloud apps and services — using them together to produce amazing visuals, videos, app and web experiences, and sometimes all of the above. Adobe’s users are nimble, looking at Creative Cloud’s ecosystem and learning new apps to achieve their creative goals. Adobe’s teams, on the other hand, don’t always work this fluidly across products.

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