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Tony Byrne

Tony Byrne

Real Story Group

In 2001, Tony Byrne founded Real Story Group (formerly CMS Watch), set out to create a new kind of research and advisory firm, one that works only for enterprise technology customers who want the real story about digital marketing and customer experience technologies.

Tony is co-author of The "Right Way to Select Technology", which provides a practical, adaptive process that relies on realistic storytelling and hands-on testing to get the best fit for your enterprise.

Real Story Group’s vendor evaluation research has become known for its technical depth, toughness and absolute neutrality. RSG now helps large enterprises make critical decisions about their omnichannel stacks.

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Real Stories: Case Studies in Technology Selection
Over the years, Real Story Group has provided vendor evaluation research and advisory services to hundreds of large enterprises seeking to identify the right digital technologies. Along the way, we’ve helped many of those enterprises make good technology selection decisions. As you can imagine, some….uh….very real stories have emerged. I’d like to share seven of them (all anonymized) below, with example lessons learned. Each one links to a blog post with deeper explanations and lists of all the lessons we shared.

Blog Post: New Year’s Resolution for MarTech Stack Owners
We’re all at an important transition point for MarTech and CX stacks. An old world is fading, but the new, omnichannel world has not yet fully arrived. What’s a stack owner to do?