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Mike Atherton

Mike Atherton

Content strategist

For over 20 years, Mike Atherton has been connecting people to content. A specialist in structuring information, he has chunked, pushed, presented and linked compelling content for the BBC, Huddle, and, in a different age, Playboy TV. Now a content strategist for Facebook in London, he collaborates with product specialists to build experiences from the terminology up.

He recently co-authored the book Designing Connected Content. When Facebook speaks to you, that's Mike and his fellow content strategists writing the script. He's also the author of Designing Connected Content, a gentle guide to modelling structure.

Past sessions

Additional content

Interview: “On a Quest for the Gestalt of Design”
Mike Atherton discusses content strategy, information architecture Linked Data and, as Mike put it, “the design behind the design”.’
Session video: Designing with Linked Data
Mike’s UX Lisbon talk about using the information floating around the web to build content-rich products, and how we should try harder to weave our work into the fabric of the network.