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Ellen Altenburg

Ellen Altenburg

Managing partner Developer Community concepts and innovation programmes

Getting inspiration with the right people: that’s how you get results. It’s also the road Ellen usually takes. In her career Ellen has always been connecting issues with people, connecting management with the work floor. Creatives with clients. And as a client, she has always looked for and found the right talents. This is true in all of her roles: as a communication manager for the Design Academy, director of two cultural festivals, and publisher/author/photographer of her own books (five).

Within ContentKings she develops community concepts and innovation programmes: connecting the enthusiasm of early adopters with the common sense of the early majority. At the base of this lies the real problem of the customer, the user, the employee. ‘Jobs to be done’,

ContentKings has been working successfully along with its principles, for more than 20 years. In my opinion, digital confidence is the key to true digital transformation.

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