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We want to bring our content and contacts to this community so that we can all learn, discuss and exchange our stories about where content is going and how we organisations and users can benefit.

Cruce Saunders, Founder and principal at [A], will be giving a session ‘Patterns that matter for omnichannel: content and customer experience beyond roles and titles’ as part of an eye-popping 2021 panel of speakers. [A] will also be organising a ‘Lunch and learn interactive session‘ on June 10th at 8 AM EST.

I continue to think #OmniXConf was the most tangibly useful event I've ever attended and have recommended it to numerous people. Being at home for a conference was new for me, but worked really well. Felt connected to the community and able to consume so many different talks. So glad I stumbled across OmnichannelX and looking forward to next year, in particular because I'll be deeply involved in a migration to a modular CMS at that stage!

Senior Content Strategy Manager, Cancer Research

2021 Attendee

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#OmniXConf is designed for team success

The OmnichannelX difference is that it’s not just a content, marketing, or UX conference. Instead of going to various job-role or technology-focused events and then trying to piece the omnichannel puzzle of great content and experience back together, at OmnichannelX events, the sessions speak to how teams can work together on these opportunities. No single job role handles content, design, governance, or systems alone. Experiences are created by teams.

This is why attendees often come to OmnichannelX in been coming in cross-functional teams (UX & marketing, marketing and documentation, web, tech docs, and support, etc) of two, three, or more to watch sessions and have cross-functional conversations with other brands facing the same situations, together, all in one place.

"Prove it" – What makes the sessions different

The OmnichannelX conference wants to empower attendees with evidence, insights, and examples behind the theories and recommendations.

Expert’s advice is great – and there’s lots of it – but to help you explain to your colleagues who weren’t there and convince management that change is necessary, you need the case studies and the facts when you get back to the office. That’s why the agenda emphasises stories that show how those lessons were learned with as many measurable, inarguable numbers as possible and clear before and after comparisons.


You need more than expert advice, you need the evidence that proves it’s worth following.

Last year, [A] gave a podcast ‘Activating omnichannel with content intelligence‘ – featuring Cruce Saunders. In this episode, Noz Urbina and Cruce explored the role of content structure to shape omnichannel enterprise publishing, and supporting multiple modes of content delivery. Also, they dived deep into the organizational structures that help support team work around the intelligent, modular content that is the foundation for next-generation customer experiences. Success doesn’t come from hiring the right titles, but from making sure your team has the right capabilities.

I have not attended a conference like this. Great conference, thank you. Right now, I know that I want to attend the next one. #OmniXConf has experts' knowledge that I need and maybe is also inspiration on what to do professionally in my late 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on. I made some new connections that I would not probably get otherwise.

2020 Attendee

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