Omnichannel presentation

Why everyone should be excited about headless CMS, not just developers

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With content needed everywhere, it is easy for content management systems to proliferate throughout an organization. IT teams are looking for ways to reduce operation costs and connect best-in-class platforms and frameworks. They want a central repository from which to pull content to use in any channel. Everyone in the content and experience ecosystem has much to gain from thinking similarly. The shift away from tightly coupling content and presentation for every destination point means greater efficiency and flexibility across the organization.

In this session, you’ll gain insights into the benefits of going headless for content management and delivery. Using cues from forward-thinking Fortune 500s, global brands, and SMBs, we can see the benefits of new approaches to content orchestration. You, too, can build a self-serve system for content creators, create reusable content synced across the organization, and automate personalization for a seamless customer experience.


What you’ll learn

  • Clarify common content strategy misconceptions about using a headless CMS

  • Uncover benefits of decoupled content platforms for omnichannel publishing

  • Gain insights into how to connect organizational silos around a headless CMS.


Carrie Hane
Carrie Hane