Where does your content come from?

Omnichannel lunch & networking

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We love to talk about where our content needs to go. We love distribution; getting our content to the right place, at the right time, with the right message. We are obsessed with journeys, channels, personalisation, and new technologies that can help us engage with our audiences wherever they are.

But… All this focus on delivery puts a huge amount of pressure on production. It’s not easy to create adaptive omnichannel structured content for several different audiences. It’s very difficult. 

Perhaps we should talk a little more about where our content comes from, and how investing a little bit in upstream operations can have a huge impact on our ability to deliver omnichannel experiences. 

You will leave this session with a simple (and thoroughly super fun) exercise you can use in your own organizations to map out content workflows and identify areas for improvement.


Angus  Edwardson
Angus Edwardson