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We need content and design systems that support product metrics

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Modern design systems bring a lot of operational value to the product teams — more collaboration, efficiency, speed, and momentum in the product operations. However the KPIs and metrics are confined to hours saved, early shipping, or better cadence and harmony in the teams. There is a huge opportunity to build these design systems as strategy levers for the product growth — for the core product metrics. For example in SaaS, the common metrics are CAC, LTV, ARR and the product onboarding, retention, churn, and growth levers are directly linked to these product metrics.

Imagine what if we could associate the design systems metrics with these product metrics—direct reference for how a DS helps a SaaS in its growth.

For background on this session, check out the article: We need content and design systems that support product metrics.


What you’ll learn

  • Why we need to look beyond modern design systems
  • Why we should use a DS for direct product metrics
  • How a DS can be the most important strategic growth lever in an organization.

PS: You might not get all the answers but that is not the goal. The goal is to build the right conversations and use this momentum to find the answers in our real work when we resume it after the conference.

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