Voice Marketing: how getting your business heard changes your content strategy

Omnichannel presentation

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Voice crucial to reaching more people and boosting your customer experience? In the process, voice humanizes your business and makes it more inclusive and builds trust. 

Your audience already uses an array of voice-enabled devices including smartphones, digital assistants, tablets, computers, cars and the Internet of Things so the types of content they need changes. 

Voice supplies more information and changes how, when and where you deliver information to your audience. Your business must be ready to integrate information across the organization to meet this challenge. This includes providing content in the form of podcasts, video, chatbots, IVAs and other audio elements associated with your brand. It’s a key part of the Metaverse.

While voice changes the needs of your audience, it also poses increased challenges to information not only from marketing but also from systems across your entire organization.

This session will provide an overview of the voice-ecosystem and how to become voicefirst. In addition, it will offer some easy-to-implement tactics to help your business test the audio-first landscape. 


What you’ll learn

  • Learn where voice and audio content fit in your current marketing strategy and broader, longer term business plans to reach people along the customer journey when their eyes and/or hands are busy
  • Get “quick hit” tactics to leverage your existing voice/audio content as well as where to add voice content to your marketing and business where and when your audience needs it.


Heidi Cohen
Heidi Cohen
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