2019: Omnichannel presentation

Updating content types for marketing and omnichannel: an IBM case study in agile content strategy

Faced with 250+ content types and no consistency in use across a dozen key marketing systems, marketing teams could not get meaningful data on which types and formats performed well and which didn’t and could not easily identify existing content that might be reusable or in competition with new content creation.

So IBM assembled a team to focus on refactoring the way that we categorised content based on two much shorter lists: type, and format. The new values were rapidly rolled out in 3 key systems that allowed a simple but complete lifecycle from planning to measurement, and we began identifying problems and iteratively improving the list. We also began incrementally increasing the scope of the effort, with new areas of content, new tools, and new taxonomies, each success forming the basis for the next effort.

This case study will describe our development process, our governance model, and our use of AI and ontology tooling to drive improvements in authoring and customer experience.


What you’ll learn

  • How IBM developed a new taxonomy in 6 weeks, what worked and what didn’t
  • How AI and ontology can be leveraged with marketing taxonomies
  • The importance of governance, and how to manage adoption among competing stakeholders

Session leader(s):