Omnichannel presentation

Transmedia: the story is everywhere

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Transmedia narrative is defined as a story where users need to access multiple platforms and media to get the full content. The term originates with Henry Jenkins (University of Southern California) in 2003, applied to entertainment.

For example, a TV series might offer a web that allows fans to create new scenarios and a video role play game that go beyond series episodes. Transmedia can also be seen as the logical outcome of omnichannel publishing and multi-screen activity, especially heading into the Metaverse age.

In this presentation, we’ll look at how transmedia integrates into new industrial scenarios like digital twinning, as well as how it can impact user instructions, maintenance, training, and marketing, providing digical experiences that integrate newer digital media (e.g. AR and VR) with more traditional media to provide richer user experiences. We’ll experience a simple transmedia story as part of the session.


What you’ll learn

  • About the concept of transmedia and how it relates to omnichannel
  • How to build current and possible transmedia scenarios to illustrate its power
  • How transmedia transcends “entertainment” and becomes a rich field for interactive user journeys at different levels
  • How transmedia can be used a learning tool in the age of the Metaverse.

Session leader(s):

Ray Gallon
Ray Gallon
The Transformation Society