Tough talks and how to have them

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Relationships with internal stakeholders are often the key to planning, creating, and maintaining strategic content that gets results. Being able to have productive conversations, even when the topic is tricky, is a skill every content professional can and should develop.

From having to tell a stakeholder their idea isn’t on-strategy, to critiquing a non-writer’s writing, to approaching a frank conversation about content that is offensive or insensitive, I’ll walk through guidelines an approach to planning for and facilitating tough talks with stakeholders.


What you’ll learn

Participants will walk away with guidelines, templates, and tips to:

  • Determine whether a conversation is needed
  • Apply methods we practice with content to plan the conversation
  • Facilitate the conversation productively

Prompts to practice and templates to plan will be provided to participants electronically.


Meghan Casey
Meghan Casey
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