Omnichannel workshop

The right way to select technology for your omnichannel stack

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Do you need to evaluate suitable technology suppliers? Are you looking to modernize, rationalize or optimize your CX or martech stack? In this workshop, get the inside scoop on how to match your unique needs with the right technology marketplaces and vendors, ranging from WCM to Marketing Automation, from CDPs to Journey Orchestration Engines and more.

Discover how to replace outdated, waterfall methods with a modern approach to technology selection and take away a firm understanding of the major pros and cons of the key CX & martech cloud/suite players. Each participant receives a free copy of Tony’s book, The Right Way to Select Technology.


What you’ll learn

  • Understand key differences as well as overlaps among CX marketplaces
  • Learn a new methodology for selecting vendors by applying design thinking
  • Obtain a step-by-step “cookbook” for how to identify and select the “best fit” solution


Notes and instructions

If you have registered to this workshop just be prepared to bring any current search project quandaries you may be experiencing.

Session leader(s):

Tony Byrne
Tony Byrne
Real Story Group