The “other” channel in omnichannel

Omnichannel keynote

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When we think of omnichannel marketing, we tend to focus on those channels that we can directly control – like our owned properties, our earned media, and our paid media. But in an environment – like Cisco – where nearly 90% of sales go through a Partner – alignment and integration with our Channel are critical to driving seamless and consistent customer experiences.

In 2019, Cisco acknowledged a big gap in our Digital Marketing strategy: the focus on attracting, informing, and ultimately acquiring new customers via online eStores and Marketplaces. Were Cisco products being sold online? Absolutely, yes. Were we strategically enabling our Channel Partners to do this effectively? Arguably, no.

This session will take you on a journey from “the ugly” to “the bad” to “the good” as we worked to align multiple internal and external teams to build profitable, digital-led strategies with our partners via eCommerce.


What you’ll learn

  • The ecosystem required to integrate Channel Partners into Omnichannel experiences
  • How Cisco is leveraging technology to scale our eCommerce presence
  • Driving consistent approaches to measurement and reporting