The MetaGraph: merging personal data and the metaverse

Omnichannel presentation

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More and more time is spent in digital ecosystems, but what happens to all that data? How can that data be used to provide better customer experiences? How can individuals own and manage their own data in these verses? Using personal knowledge graphs, users data can be interlinked across planforms and services, blending together their behaviors and assets, but with autonomy. Join this session where we will walk through the use of personal knowledge graphs in digital ecosystems, where we can see examples of this today, what we can learn from these early examples, and how this may impact business in the years to come.


What you’ll learn

  • Learn what are the characteristics of a metaverse
  • How graph technology plays a part
  • And how you can start your own MetaGraph journey.


Ashleigh Faith
Ashleigh Faith
IsaDataThing YouTuber