Omnichannel presentation

The GDPR meets omnichannel

Trainwreck or golden opportunity?

The EU’s GDPR hogs all of the headlines, but in fact, we’re now experiencing a Global Data Processing Revolution. Restrictive legislation, technical barriers such as tracking blockers, and – above all – a consumer revolt against data (ab)use combine to institute a new era of “beg data” that threatens to choke off the supply of personal data that fuels successful omnichannel customer experience.


What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the coming battle for scarce consumer data
  • Deploying existing skills and technologies to “market for permission” to access data
  • How to move trust “upstream” in the customer lifecycle for competitive advantage
  • Orchestrating omnichannel CX in the new data economy

Session leader(s):

Tim Walters
Tim Walters
The Content Advisory