The Core model – A tool for holistic cooperation across silos and channels

Omnichannel presentation

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The Core model breaks through complexity by zooming in on one “core” at a time. It lets stakeholders from different silos in the organization work together to prioritize content and functionality hands-on in a core workshop. Through this process they develop a shared understanding of how business strategy, user needs, inbound marketing, conversion optimization, behavioural psychology and content design should fit together – across both digital and analogue channels.

The method consists of a simple sheet of paper and a large group workshop format, surrounded by a simple process and philosophy. It was invented in 2006, and it has been tested in the trenches and refined through thousands of projects across industries, sectors and borders ever since.

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What you’ll learn

  • The simple and timeless perspectives of the Core model
  • How you can use it to connect strategy and user needs, get buy-in from stakeholders, and show the value of content collaboration to your organization
  • How to use the Core model to map out cross channel content journeys
  • How to get the tips and templates you need to get started.


Are Halland
Are Halland