The business of content and the content of business

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As content professionals, we often find ourselves uncovering major gaps, flaws, and misguided decisions around organizations’ business, marketing, and communications strategies. Because we know the content best, the audiences that content is meant to serve, and how that content is delivered across multiple channels, we almost always have a 360 view of how an organization presents itself to the world. While we’re equipped with that knowledge and understanding, we often are left developing systems, programs, and frameworks that don’t quite make logical sense for the business or the intended audiences.

In this moderated discussion, we want to hear from you about your experiences and how your work as a content professional informed or contributed to influencing an organization’s business strategy, or when it didn’t, how you overcame those challenges to produce a better content product.


What you’ll learn

  • Techniques for “getting a seat” at your organization’s strategy table
  • Approaches for raising the unpopular topics that we uncover in our content work
  • Successes you’ve had in influencing an organization’s business strategy or approach.