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Progressive personalisation: A playbook for kickstarting connected experiences

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5 years ago, a veteran strategist steered his work practice directly into the sun… er, sometimes blinding, often daunting needs of his clients seeking to deliver connected customer experiences.

This is the cheat-sheet story of his sunstroke survival, despite professional life shipwrecked in a strange world of instant UX simplification and realised content ROI, of as-advertised amazing software capabilities marred at each turn by missing-in-action content strategy.

It may even be a message in a bottle, one UXer’s missing manual of designing for personalisation. There is a secret life of IA in such projects that can make progressive personalisation the Mission Possible of delivering dynamic interactions and ASAP results.

Join us for a candid field report and 3 success patterns that your team—no matter the budget, talent, or timeline—can adopt now, not later, to bypass the breathless business theater of connected experience to deliver tangible, compounding returns on investment.


What you’ll learn

Glimpse a missing playbook for the crawl/walk/run progression of delivering a connected experience anywhere in 2021:

  • 3 methods in designing for a spectrum of connected experiences: personalisation, customisation, and automation
  • the resources and next steps to get your team or org started immediately—no matter your budget, ambition, or timeline
  • the failtastic ways personalisation practice suffers without UX pros, and without UX

Session leader(s):

Jeffrey MacIntyre
Jeffrey MacIntyre
Bucket Studio