Omnichannel presentation

Patterns that matter for omnichannel: content and customer experience beyond roles and titles

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Generating strong customer experiences takes teamwork. No one person or team can do it all. Behind digital publishing practices that scale lives consistent patterns and rhythms, upheld and managed through an integrated team effort.

Awaken the latent benefits in content sets and customer experience teams by adopting five essential patterns for content. These patterns exist across roles and teams, but are often under-appreciated or overlooked completely,  generating huge hidden costs!

In this talk, we’ll examine the real-life teams that are scaling CX, the patterns emerging in successful omnichannel programs, and the actionable steps for building these practices within your organization.


What you’ll learn

  • Discover the 5 key patterns underpinning successful omnichannel programs
  • See how companies drive business value with integrated content practices
  • Hear real-life lessons featuring 3 brand publishers managing content sets across many customer experiences
  • See how omnichannel teams are structured and hear about the novel solutions they are taking to the problems many of us face daily
  • Gain a short-list of key internal projects to set you on this journey

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