Achieve omnichannel success applying the Jobs to be Done framework

Omnichannel workshop

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Get to understand your customers better than they understand themselves. That’s what applying a Jobs to Done (JTBD) framework can do for your business and your omnichannel strategy. Although it has been around for 20 years, applying JTBD is a practice that’s still much underrated. JTBD is the key to any digital success. 

In this workshop, you get familiar with the Customer Job Canvas of ContentKings. They have applied and perfected their JTBD design thinking method for the last 10 years in Healthcare, Education, and Business. The workshop had great reviews in the previous editions of the Omnichannel conference.

Using a fictitious case, participants learn how to take the customer perspective, how to focus on customer questions and desired outcomes. The second step is to match this customer perspective with the business perspective. This makes it easy to ultimately choose the right channels and formats for touchpoints. The end result: a multitude of matching solutions.

The 2020 workshop produced a mountain of valid and innovative solutions; stepping stones towards a ‘Pharmacy of the Future’.

What other attendees said

In 2019, participants from United Airlines went home with cargo load of new insights.

Workshop Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age (OmnichannelX 19) from Rob Punselie on Vimeo.


What you’ll learn

  • How to find real added value for your customer (and quantifying it)
  • How to build an effective team strategy with design thinking methods  
  • By applying the Jobs to be Done framework.


Ellen Altenburg
Ellen Altenburg
Rob Punselie
Rob Punselie