Mapping content measurements to business metrics for more strategic insights

Omnichannel workshop

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This session looks at the common mistakes that content teams make when developing their content measurement strategy and how to fix them. Attend and learn to position content in a way that resonates with the organisation that funded it, and the users who consume it, by focusing measurements on customer journeys and top user tasks.

Looking back on two decades of project experience, Noz Urbina has become a little obsessed with measurement. Despite having more raw data than ever on content and user experience, content teams still measure their output with metrics like simple hits, likes, clicks, and shares.

Instead, we should be measuring whether it fulfilled its reason for being. We will walk through examples where clients changed their measurements to achieve 10s and 100s of % improvement on their key content metrics and were able to better justify and explain the power of content to their colleagues and leadership.


What you’ll learn

  • The common pitfalls in the content measurement landscape
  • How to change the internal discussion around content to focus on what managers and users care about
  • How other organisations were able to make high-impact changes and redesign content to work better on all channels.


Noz Urbina
Noz Urbina
Urbina Consulting