2020: Omnichannel presentation

Managing conflicting visions on customers & digital success

War & Peace in a digital age

We all love our customers and we all want to be successful in our business. Right? Why then is there so much miscommunication across silos? Why is it so hard within a company to agree on what customers really need?
This presentation will

  • illustrate why vision and ownership are key to digital success,
  • show how conflicting visions on customers and digital success arise,
  • explain the logic of these conflicts, and
  • demonstrate a framework for an integral definition of customer success.

Marketing & Communication, IT, Technical Communication are some of the silos that will be focussed on. Each of these domains has its own definition of ‘vision’ and ‘ownership’. We will discuss conflicting areas and areas where a match is possible.

The Jobs To Be Done methodology has primarily been used as a tool for Innovation Management. This presentation will demonstrate how convincing the JTBD framework is when it is applied to boost digital success in a multidisciplinary business environment.

Cases and examples:

  • Semiconductor industry (ASML)
  • NGO’s (the Dutch Brain foundation)
  • Health Care (Dichterbij – Housing for mentally challenged clients)
  • IT (Oracle/Oracle partner)

What you’ll learn

  • Illustrating the importance of vision & ownership as critical success factors
  • Bridging the miscommunication between silos
  • Highlighting the conflicting areas to avoid & the matching areas to seek
  • Demonstrate a cooperative framework

Session leader(s):

Rob Punselie
Rob Punselie