Maintaining and evolving your content models

Omnichannel panel discussion

Dealing with change and diversity while maintaining a core model

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In this session, we will guide you through the nuanced processes of managing, maintaining, and updating your content in a changing environment.

We will tackle the challenges of aligning conflicting team requirements, integrating various systems using a shared content model, and consistently delivering the much sought-after “next best action” where the right content is served up to either the person or system who needs it. 

We’ll also cover many of the issues surrounding the maintenance of models like

  • ongoing business case presentation of the need for models
  • ongoing education and support of your model in spite of staff and leadership churn
  • the inter-departmental politics of a shared standard, and
  • the inherent organizational conflicts with having a standard: Who owns it? Who pays? Who is in charge?

This is the third in our modelling panel discussion series, and part of this year’s themed Session Series “Designing content for Headless, Omnichannel, and Personalisation” including multiple webinars and podcasts. It will be recorded and available to anyone who registers.

Finally, the webinar will explore the interrelationship between taxonomies, ontologies, and content models, discussing their different-but-related roles in creating an effective and agile system. 

This session will have limited attendance to promote dialogue and questions, so register now to secure your spot!


What you’ll learn

  • To navigate the complexities of meeting diverse team requirements while maintaining a cohesive and efficient content model over time.
  • How to use models to drive the “next best action” that improves customer engagement and experience.
  • How to develop a strategy to integrate different systems effectively through shared content models.
  • Understand the interplay between taxonomies, ontologies, and content models, and leverage these relationships for a more effective strategy.


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