Omnichannel workshop

Journey mapping across channels

34% of people use the internet predominantly from their mobile phones, and since April 2015 Google has penalized sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. But the choice isn’t as simple as mobile or desktop. Many users switch devices mid-task, making it vital that we create consistency across devices and channels. Truly user-centered design is omnichannel – and to make that a reality, we need to understand the journey our audience takes.

What is the journey? It’s everything we’re designing and strategizing. It’s a series of steps, punctuated with interactions or touch points) between your audience and your organization. The journey provides context, structure, and a frame of reference for the user experience. Creating a comprehensive journey map is thus a necessary step in identifying opportunities to engage the target audience and designing an omnichannel experience.


What you’ll learn

  • Learn the level of detail necessary for a successful journey map
  • Learn to identify touch points and pain points within a user journey
  • Learn to use personas to refine journeys and select appropriate channels
  • Learn to make use of journey maps for next steps, such as creating the content strategy, sitemaps and wireframes

Session leader(s):

Marli Mesibov
Marli Mesibov
Verily Life Sciences