Omnichannel presentation

It’s never the content. It’s always the content

Managing omnichannel project risk

This presentation examines the lessons learned from a highly successful, yet dismally disastrous, omnichannel project for a Fortune 500 company. The need for personalised content across multiple audiences, countries, markets, languages, and output channels had the makings of a model omnichannel project. The environment was right: the staff were in enough operational pain to be highly motivated, and the company set up a project team with the mandate to “make it happen”.

So what went wrong, and what can we learn from it? We are hard-wired to learn from cautionary tales: things gone wrong, rather than best practices. Rahel Anne Bailie walks us through the project highs and lows, pointing out the potential failure points, and offers the wisdom of hindsight on how to overcome them.

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